The Order of the Boar

Historical Cavalry Re-enactment in New Zealand

  • Harcourt Park 2015

    Hosting an International Jousting Tournament.

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    Attending an Overseas Jousting Tournament

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    New Zealand Mounted Rifles One of our displays as part of the 1914 - 1918 Commemorations

  • Brookfields Scout Camp 1

    Horse and Foot Combat

  • Callum and Monty

    Medieval Horsemanship

The weapons are real. The action is real.

From the full force, full contact medieval joust to the discipline and grit of the early 20th century New Zealand Mounted Rifles, The Order of the Boar is New Zealand’s own cavalry re-enactment group.

We are a non-profit group that specialises in recreating various aspects of history emphasising the role of the horse and rider. We portray our activities at public displays throughout New Zealand in support of community events and charitable fund raisers.

While we have a particular emphasis on the medieval period - particularly Jousting, we also portray the role of the horse in military history. So in addition to the medieval period, we also portray 16th Century Anglo/Scottish Border Reivers and First World War New Zealand Mounted Rifles.

We pay particular attention to horse welfare while also portraying our activities as historically accurate as possible.

We are also well known both locally and internationally as one of the pioneers in rediscovering the art of medieval jousting and its development as a modern sport both in New Zealand and around the world.

(Order of the Boar Summer 2020 Workshop - Day 1



The Order of the Boar is sponsored by The Red Knight - New Zealands own online provider of functional medieval armour and other fine handcrafted products including drinking horns, hand made journals and walking sticks among others.  

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What's New - July 2024


 Across the Ages - A Day in Time. Eketahuna Saturday 1st March 2025

Baldrics Big Day Out 2025. Stratford Race Course Saturday April 5th 2024. 


After a period of not being able to perform our flagship jousting displays, we are now able to! We can provide a team of 2 to 4 jousters from across the North Island.

We can provide a small jousting display at relatively short notice using our Upper Hutt team of two riders.

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Order of the Boar members are dispersed around the Lower North Island. We are always happy to accept new members and you can join as either a rider, foot fighter or as foot crew.

To join as a rider you must have your own horse that is suitable for our activities as well as the means to be able to transport it to our training sessions and events. 

Foot fighters train to engage in reneactment battle combat and performances with the horses and their riders.

Foot crew (our unsung heroes) assist the riders during training and displays.  


Jousting - Upper Hutt Team - Callum

Foot Fighter - Upper Hutt Team - Callum

Jousting - Stratford Team - Emily

Jousting - Hamilton Team - Simon 

For all display inquiries please contact Callum

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