The Order of the Boar

Historical Cavalry Re-enactment in New Zealand

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    Jousting Curious about jousting? Learn about this amazing sport.

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    ANZAC Day Commemoration We took part in the 2015 ANZAC Day commemorations at Trentham Racecourse

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    Re enactments Re enactments

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The weapons are real. The action is real.

From the full force, full contact medieval joust to the discipline and grit of the early 20th century New Zealand Mounted Rifles, The Order of the Boar is New Zealand’s own cavalry re-enactment group.

We are a non-profit group that specialises in recreating various aspects of history emphasising the role of the horse and rider. We portray our activities at public displays throughout New Zealand in support of community events and charitable fund raisers. Our flagship event is our own Harcourt Park World Invitational Jousting Tournament which we hold every two years in Upper Hutt.

While we have a particular emphasis on the medieval period, we also portray the role of the horse in military history. So in addition to the medieval period, we also portray 16th Century Border Reivers and First World War New Zealand Mounted Rifles.

We pay particular attention to horse welfare while also portraying our activities as historically accurate as possible.

We are also well known both locally and internationally as one of the pioneers in rediscovering the art of medieval jousting and its development as a modern sport both in New Zealand and around the world.




What's New - September 2016 

The Order of the Boar is in Winter training mode as most of our training is weather dependent. However this does not mean things slow down!

Here is a training video where we cover Lance Handling Basics.  


Our flagship event is our World Invitational Jousting Tournament at Harcourt Park in Upper Hutt every 2 years. We have been running this event since 2003. We ran the last one in 2015 and decided to take a break from it as running the event was starting to become financially unviable as our funding sources were drying up. Also our horses aren't getting any younger and finding suitable horses to joust is not easy. Since then a lot of people have been asking me if the event will ever be held again. I am starting to think about running it in February 2018 but this will depend very much on the horse situation and the funding. Harcourt Park fans can support the funding aspect by visiting The Red Knight. The site has a unique range of products many of which make ideal gifts. A portion of the Red Knight sales is donated to Order of the Boar and helps fund our events. So even a small purchase will help towards funding the next Harcourt Park tournament. 


15/16 October 2016 - Order of the Boar ANZAC display for New Zealand Mounted Rifles Charitable Trust in Featherston.

12 November 2016 - Upper Hutt Highland Gathering, Harcourt Park. Order of the Boar will be on display as 16th Century Scottish Border Reivers

January/February 2017 - Order of the Boar Summer Workshop and Tournament - Details to be advised. This will most likely be a closed private event.

February 2017 - Manukau Medieval Market, Levin. 

 Long term Order of the Boar rider Lisa Green has launched her new business

LisaLogoFINALBW All Order of the Boar Warhorses are clients of Lisa's and can all attest to how great  she is!


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